Security Guard Management Software with Tour Tracking & Reporting App

With the SGM portal we bring to you an efficient, user-friendly and affordable security guard tracking and reporting software application in a Mobile platform. It is equipped with all crucial features that the majority of the most expensive security officer management services/systems offer in the market without setting up any additional infrastructure at competitive pricing.

Our security guard management tracking solutions are crafted for improving both productivity and service quality. And we keep it as intuitive and user-friendly for providing a better mobile application experience that can act as a common platform for Security guard agencies business operational success and being a beneficial factor of our clients.

Unique concepts, extensive market research, industry trend, innovative solutions and striving for a goal total customer satisfaction are the way to best describe our team and a critical part of the product.

We specialize in web-based and mobile application platforms to optimize the operational management of security guard incident reports & tracking services. We the use of state-of-the-art information systems technology we proudly offer the most effective solutions with a competitive mark in the current market today.



Security Guard Management Software (SGM) Incident reporting is a real-time online reporting system. The security staff can report, take pictures, and give a description of the incident that took place and submits it to their immediate reporting authority and once they got approved will be published under the reports for the administrator to view.

Each security guard while conducting a guard tour and equipped with a mobile device can now manage all of his work via his smartphone and complete guard tours in total control of occurring incidents. Inspections and guard tours are enhanced with the ability to attach pictures, notes and signatures. In addition, the security staff (security guards, workers, etc.) can also inform immediately the supervisors who are responsible for monitoring assets and locations.

Daily Logs of security guard management

SGM daily activity logs while executing guard tour rounds in different areas, including property patrolling, facility patrolling captures day-wise log, record events frequently, Modify recorded logs, and finalization before submission of their individual logs at the designated client location. Our guard touring solutions ensure the security in-charge complete their tasks within stipulated time intervals and as directed so a correct record can be produced in the form of reports to meet the required obligations of clients.

Guard Inspection

This feature provides the supervisor/administrator to conduct timely checks on the Uniform etiquette, rules of appearance on the security personnel and take any required disciplinary actions are needed. It also allows the user to modify inspection records. The administrator can approve of multiple inspections and simultaneously generate reports that are made available to the clients.